Friday, July 9, 2010

Think Beyond Cancer INTRO


Think Beyond Cancer is an online community championing the social cause of instilling hope in the minds of people living with Cancer.

Cancer is a curable disease and it is our firm belief that a huge portion of the stigma and the trauma involved can be avoided and mitigated through education and awareness. We have a unique collection of resources and provide accurate and timely factual information about Cancer and all its forms, in a supportive environment. We aim to guide you through the maze, unravel the confusion, and get you headed immediately down the healing road.

We strive to provide support and instill hope, to help patients and family members look beyond the diagnosis, cope with treatment, and start living life to its fullest once again. The crux lies in knowing that; it’s not about life after cancer, but that there is life and that every individual must be given an opportunity to live it optimally. We'll encourage you in positive ways and steer you from pitfalls. The nature of cancer demands decisive action. In short, we strive to make a difference in the fight against cancer.


To create awareness and act as an ecosystem of strength and support to give hope to those affected and to inspire and compel the changes necessary to end the Cancer epidemic.



· Act as a resource and guidance centre for complete information on Cancer.


· Be a directory of information on the the right people and places to approach for treatment and assistance such as Hospitals, Doctors, Diagnostics, Pharmacists, Vendors, etc.

· Partner with organizations to improve the lives of the affected people including patients and their families.

· Help research organizations communicate their efforts to the right audience.

· Aim to connect people to corporate partners for specific needs.

· Connect with donor organizations that can help patients in accumulating funds for treatment such as Government, NGOs and so on.


· Be a source of information on advancements in treatment, technology, new medicines and latest equipments.

· Provide up-to-date information on new research and discoveries on Cancer.

· Act as knowledge exchange centre, where healthcare professionals can exchange their experiences, case studies, new discoveries, patient referrals, etc.; while encouraging exchange programs.


· Provide a platform for dialogue and exchange amongst patients, families and cancer survivors to share and inspire stories of grit, determination, hope and the fight for survival.


· Raising funds through campaigning for under-privileged patients.

· Conducting awareness generation programmes to address issues related to the dangers of Cancer, detection and treatment which can help curb the epidemic.

· Encourage volunteers and provide opportunities for people who feel strongly about the cause and want to contribute.